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Crowdfunding successful in half of the time!

This is crazy! We reached our target already!!! Thank you all so much for being so generous and so supportive. Thanks to you, our debut album will truly become a reality! ♥ ♥ ♥


But what do you do if you reach your target and still have 18 days of crowdfunding to go?

You jump in the air, praise yourself lucky and... stretch your target.


We are ambitious. So what we’ll try to do next is the following:


  • Collect a total of  5500 euro = We add a string quartet (for more drama)!

  • Collect a total of 6000 euro = Crazy music video of Cozin playing in the air

  • Collect 7000 euro = We release the album also on vinyl !!!


You can support us till 14/11 via this link:


No matter what will still happen, our project succeeded!

We’ll be in the studio from November 1 onwards! :-))))))))))

We keep you posted.



PS: There are still some tickets available for our exclusive concert at a unique historic location in the Sint-Pieters abbey in Ghent, on December 1 at 20.00h. (choose the 55 perk / 2 tickets / bubbles / signed album)