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"Would You Care" is out today!

Dear all

Half a year ago, we received a message that the American producer Steve Greenwell wanted to work with COZIN!!! A pretty big name in the industry; he has produced great music, including Joss Stone’s top-of-the-chart work. We didn’t have to consider the offer for long. 

This July, after plenty of Skype conversations discussing the songs, Steve flew all the way to Belgium to record us. You can imagine how nervous we were! We come from very different cultural backgrounds, but we turned this into an advantage by using our differences to create a synergetic sound. We gave the songs all the love we could and now we can finally present the brand new single Would You Care!

The song aims to evoke a sense of hope in the face of utter despair. Our wish is that it moves you, that it makes you feel deeply. That it makes you care. Watch it below!