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This spring we'll tour through Flanders, playing in five beautiful venues. Next up is our show in 't Smiske on April 7 . We're very excited to sing our new songs. It would be so nice to meet you there! You win some, you loose some. Humo's Rock Rally's jury wasn't very fond of us. The good thing is that our song " They Don't Die " got airplay on Radio 1 and Radio 2, and the Gimchi remix of " The Bubble Is About To Burst " popped up in couple of playlists. Something we are really happy about! And did you notice that we have a new website? Big thanks to the guys from Dropsolid!
We are in several Spotify playlists, such as in this one of Radio 1 by Steve Willaert, songs with beautiful string arrangements: Listen to the Radio 1 playlist! Have a listen or come see us live at April 7 in 't Smiske in Asse or April 13 in Herberg Macharius in Ghent.
The 3 girls of Cozin looking happy to be selected.
We're 1 of the 100 selected bands out of 824 for Belgium's biggest pop/rock music contest!
Our album BURST is chosen as of the month on da.Music! "Sophia and Pablo Neruda link philosophical wisdom to song talent." Read the review here . (In Dutch)